Working Group 2: Traffic Psychology - Further Research

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Further Research

The multi-national survey that collected exposure, bicycle use, crash involvement and attitude data is a fertile resource of identifying further research. These analyses, which will continue past the life of the COST project, are expected to be carried out by the principal investigators from each of the participating countries.

The data and information collected by Working Group 2 was merely the first step towards more in-depth and extensive research in the following key areas:

  • The patterns of helmet usage among different users (children, adults and sports enthusiasts);
  • The use of helmets in different environments, such as rural roads, urban streets and bike trails;
  • Bicyclists’ concerns regarding safety and convenience, and the perceived impact of helmets on comfort and convenience;
  • The benefit of helmets for enhancing visibility, and how variations in design and colour affect visibility in the daytime, at night and at dusk;
  • The role of helmets in the acceptance of city-wide, pick-up-and-drop-off bicycles;
  • The impact of helmets on the visual search behaviour of cyclists.

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