Working Group 2: Traffic Psychology - Scientific Research Meetings

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Scientific Research Meetings

In addition to the survey and literature investigation, three Scientific Research Meetings took place, to stimulate discussion and investigation into three core aspects of the issue of cycling and helmet safety. The first focused on critical literature review, especially of the limited-circulation grey literature, and aimed to identify methodological and statistical problems related to scientific literature on bicycle helmets.

The second Scientific Research Meeting explored helmet use and habit strength, and posed the question: ‘A safe choice or a good habit?’. The meeting aimed to increase the understanding of the relationship between helmet usage and theoretical construct of habits. A scientific publication of the results of this meeting is expected.

The third Scientific Research Meeting examined the effects of a helmet on cognitive performance. It aimed to gather and analyse the results of a laboratory study that evaluated the effects of helmets on cognitive function. This investigation concluded that it is unlikely that wearing a helmet would have a measurable effect on cognitive performance. This meeting resulted in a publication in Applied Ergonomics.


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