Working Group 2: Traffic Psychology - Implications for Industry

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Implications for Industry

In addition to the long-term, positive implications of a standardised survey about cyclist psychology and its effect on helmet usage, the research conducted by Working Group 2 also has immediate implications for the industry. Most notably, the advice to improve cyclist visibility through the use of smart lighting systems that link helmet and bicycle lights in a pattern that is more noticeable than standard lighting systems.
The study, conducted by David Shinar, illustrates how the utilisation of the helmet-bicycle system and the well-known phi-phenomenon (of apparent movement) can be exploited for the enhancement of cyclist visibility in marginal conditions, such as dusk and dawn. The system uses alternating flashing lights (AFL) on the handlebars and the helmet, creating a vertical apparent movement effect. The results showed that the AFL system improved both cyclist conspicuity and visibility, especially at dusk.


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