Working Group 2: Traffic Psychology - Overall Result

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Overall Result

In addition to discussion sessions and Scientific Research Meetings, as well as data collection and analysis, the Working Group formulated a major cooperative study to be jointly conducted in a variety of cultures and environments across most of the countries involved in this COST Action. Furthermore, the group developed research proposals to be submitted to funding organisations in both government and industry settings. The group also promoted research in this area among graduate students and PhD candidates, and cooperated with other researchers at other institutions.

The primary resulting output was a 17-country, 118-item survey of bicycle use, cyclist attitudes and crash experience, which was completed by more than 8,500 adult cyclists. In addition, Scientific Research Meetings and presentations were held to communicate the initial findings, and technical reports and scientific papers were published about bicycle safety and helmet usage. Working Group 2 also established a list of potential applications and implementations for the data that is being collected.


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