Working Group 2: Traffic Psychology - Working Group Focus

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Working Group Focus

Working Group 2 had four primary objectives during the course of their investigations. First, to collect information about research related to the psychological aspects of helmet usage, and share it with those currently working in this field. For this, both existing research and the group’s own investigations played key roles. Second, to develop recommendations for new research on, and evaluation of, the design of bicycle helmets. Third, to conduct an international survey of cycling exposure, cyclist riding habits and attitudes, and crash involvement. Fourth, to examine options for further networking and funding of such research within the individual frameworks of the participants, and also at the EU level.

The study also:

  • Identified national and regional needs in terms of prevention and management;
  • Produced up-to-date evidence on the current situation and assisted in prioritising road safety targets; and
  • Guided national and local policy based on local needs.

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