Introduction - A European Collaboration for Helmet Optimization

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A European Collaboration for Helmet Optimization

In order to facilitate this type of effective collaboration, COST established a unique Action that provided funding to stimulate the creation of an international network, rather than to reach specific research outcomes. COST Action TU1101 focused on improving collaboration amongst European researchers and bringing together the leading researchers in the field of helmet safety and comfort. Through a Europe-wide collaborative effort, the information gathered, discovered and shared can benefit every country equally, and become a stepping-stone for even further research and development, and legislative improvement. The results of the collaboration will not only impact both the helmet industry and current legislation: it will also accelerate development and lead to even safer cycling behaviour. The benefits of the Action, therefore, reach far beyond the parameters of the study – they can actually impact future work for a significant period of time to come.

To effectively execute the COST Action objectives, nearly 60 members, representing 21 countries, came together to create HOPE: Helmet OPtimization in Europe, an Action aimed at working together to address the key issues regarding helmet usage from all of the perspectives that play a role.


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