Working Group 1: In-depth Accident Observations and Injury Statistics - Implications for Legislators

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Implications for Legislators

One of the key implications for legislators in regard to Working Group 1’s investigations was the call for a more centralised, accurate and comprehensive reporting structure for bicycle-related accidents and injuries. Each country examined had different levels of reporting available (some none at all) and data was retrieved from a variety of sources. A more effective reporting structure for bicycle and helmet use, and the monitoring of data from hospitals, government and infrastructure, as well as the standardisation of injury severity measurements, would provide a better overall view of the European challenges and opportunities for cyclists. Moreover, statistical reliability and consistency could be greatly improved if police reports at the scene of bicycle accidents also included accurate injury data.

In addition, as the output of the investigation clearly indicates that the number and severity of head injuries are reduced by helmet usage, legislators should take this all-important factor into consideration in any discussion of helmet legislation.


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