Working Group 3: Impact Engineering - A New Helmet Test Method

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A New Helmet Test Method

As a result of this extensive investigation, Working Group 3 concludes by proposing an advanced, scientific helmet test method, based on real-world data and new biomechanical research results. The primary aspects of this new bicycle helmet test method are the introduction of tangential helmet impact and improved pass/fail criteria that can predict brain injuries, in addition to predicting skull fractures as it does today. It can easily lead to changes to the way helmets are certified and improve helmet efficacy in accidents. By adding real accident data and new biomechanical knowledge to the current regulation tests EN 1078 and EN 1080, the protective aspects of bicycle helmets can be vastly improved. Specific new testing parameters and methods, based on actual accident data and new biomechanical criteria, would bring the certification standards to a much higher, more effective level.


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